The Gift of Limitations ~


Oh my Little Jen Jen!  When you were three, we were battling that Down Syndrome with everything we had. Extra Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Music Therapy, Hydro Therapy…….I was even fighting the stereotype that all people who have Down Syndrome have straight hair. Yep, at the tender age of three, my girlfriend and I fed you cookies to get you to sit while we put your hair in curlers, giving you a perm. A PERM!! (Lord, have mercy on me, a mother totally crazy!). I was gonna’ show the world how far you could go………… as we come close to your 33rd Birthday this coming June 5th, I look back and chuckle. Now I see you with a much different lens. Over these years, God’s chisel upon my heart has softened my gaze. I used so much energy to fight the disability you were born with; now I see how having limitations is ok, especially since I have so many of my own. In life it’s not true that we can do anything we put our minds to. Nope, that is a lie. Truth? Your limitations are a gift to the world. I see before me a personality without guile, a person who never harbors a grudge. You don’t impress people with PhD’s, MD’s, Olympic medals, nor business acquisitions in the millions. Instead you teach us what it means to be content; you make people smile. Here on earth, people see you as inferior because you live with an intellectual disability; in heaven you will be above all others. While the world runs at steroid speed to be perfect; perfect nutrition; perfect job; perfect house; perfect kids; perfect family……God plops you in our midst. What does God want the world to learn from your presence? What is He trying to tell us? Imperfection is ok!! My Little Jen Jen, God has helped me to love you so completely, just the way you are! (except, well, it kind of would be nice if you stopped stealing my money and nail polish😎😇) My heart still longs to help you be the very best person you can be, through every opportunity to grow we can provide; at the same time, and above all other ambitions I only really need to keep kissing you and looking at you with my heart wide open to all the love you can give. You are precious in my eyes, and I love you. #TBT ‪#‎DownSyndrome‬ ‪#‎downSyndromeSOWhat‬ ‪#‎aboveall‬ ‪#‎LOVE‬

2 thoughts on “The Gift of Limitations ~

  1. A friend shared this on Facebook. Thank you so much! I have two “normal” daughters but approached parenting with similar mindset/anxiety. I have learned so much from their resistance or need to just be loved and I am a better person for it. You articulated it so well, the love and balance and appreciation of the person in the present moment. Happy Mothers Day!

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