Literary Joy

Don’t you love unexpected blessings in Mothering? It is a crazy week here with IEP Meetings for our special peeps; multiple doctor appointments; and paperwork galore waiting impatiently for my attention. So when Bernadette, Jen and I found ourselves with an unexpected hour free today, and just happened to be passing the Library in town ~ I swear, my steering wheel turned all by itself.

Bern chattering joyfully about the stop, next informed me she no longer owned a library card. Dagger. My poor sweet girl, all those things you have gone without this past year and some, during all of our extra family struggles. I knew we had time before the doctor to run home, and grab the tax bill, required to get a library card, so off we zipped. When we got back, the librarian took my ID, typed for just a bit and smiled, “I show Bernadette is still in here with an active account. We can just issue her a new card.”


Then I froze with fear.

Based on past experience, I thought the next thing I was going to hear ~ a double digit dollar amount in fines. (I swear, if there is any Guinness World Record our family would win, it would totally be library fines󾍅).

“But you do have a past due fine.”

Knees shaking, knuckles white as I brace myself, to try to smile, or laugh, or…….”She owes $3.00″. Alleluia, I could hear the angels sing! I restrained myself from jumping the counter to hug her to pieces. The next thing I knew, the librarian slid the shiny new card in front of Bernadette. “Mom? Should I sign in cursive?” What is that feeling in a mother heart when we see joy lit in the face of our child?  That moment in time when our eyes lock in a gaze of love. Split seconds. It is happiness so pure. But so real. So deep.


I think when I am old and gray, Bernadette will retell the story of today, and it will make us smile. Remembering how we were like kids cut loose in a candy shop!  Remembering with a smile how we spent that next half hour filling our arms with all kinds of fun reads, finding books and movies for Isabelly too. As we scampered to the car in a state of glee, books dripping from our arms, the smile on Bern’s face from ear-to-ear; there rose in my heart a little prayer.


Lord, please reward this precious child for all her good natured spirit. The first one to jump in to help others, the one who never complains when she is spending yet another appointment devoted to therapy or doctor for her special siblings; this child.

This child I want to give the world to make up for all the sacrifices asked of her these past few years. ❤️. Lord, bless this child, whose nature is joy.


Bless her.                                                                                                                                                  #AnneOfGreenGablesTonight!

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