Dr Jen~The Heart Specialist

Little Jen (aka Dr. Jen) had such a grand time Trick-or-Treating, she had little bags packed with candy from her own stash to take and share with her friends at school today. Out of her own stash! What a heart of gold she is! 💛 Jens generous giving heart teaches us SO much about the little things that are HUGELY important! Her being reminds me ~ don’t miss enjoying the little things in life every single day!! Oh yes, she insisted on wearing her costume to school today too; there was no talking her out of it. 😇 #DownSyndrome #downsyndromeawareness #gigisbelieves #bestofall #inspirationPLUS @GiGisPlayhouse #GiGiU #WhoTeachesWho?!  

2 thoughts on “Dr Jen~The Heart Specialist

  1. Great posts on the happiness tree!! You are a good good writer. I understand everything you write and I can’t say that for all that is printed today. Jen is very special and you have raised her that way. You are special too or I’m sure God would not have given you so much responsibility and so much love to share. Glad everyone had a happy Halloween. It’s the real 25th today so we will be celebrating. Your weather looks gorgeous. Still very warm here! Love, mom and Bud

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