The Impossible is Possible!!

When my fingers itch to be writing because life’s challenges overwhelm my spirit.  When thoughts of needing to write at a keyboard grip my soul. When I feel a kindred bond to Superman desperately looking for a phone booth to dress in a cape that unleashes new strength. When there is so much overflowing from my heart…..resulting in every blog post written at 1500+ words.  It seems the office of writing is forever elusive due to my lack of training to write concisely.  I am all inability.

Then God steps in.  

In all the helplessness, in all the painful smallness, God lends His Fatherly hand.  I am watching Jennifer.  For the briefest of moments He allows my vision of her to be filtered.  Suddenly, what my ears hear and what my eyes see,  passes through the lens of God’s heart. Jen is Love. Simple and without guile or pretense.

In quiet wonder,  our Jen and her pure heart help me ponder her saintly essence no sin could destroy  (except for her habit of stealing money 😱). Suddenly, with no more exertion than the beat  of my mother’s heart which God has forever joined to the beat of Jen’s innocent radiant soul ~

  In an instant, the impossible becomes possible ~ a very simple blog post is born. ❤️

10 thoughts on “The Impossible is Possible!!

    1. And she is so expert at stealing money on the sly that we never catch her doing it!! A friend recently gave me a million dollar bill that looks so real to leave in my purse. Its in Jen’s wallet now and should be the source of some funny stories in the future!


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