Heartbeats of a Mother

photo:  Sam with Thoracic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Dearani at Mayo Clinic. October 2014.

So somehow the video below popped up in front of me this morning 💝 God is so good. He sees us through everything. Watching it again after a year, and a little more, it caught me a little offguard as unstoppable tears streamed down my face, for so many reasons.  Our Sam is such an inspiration, such a mighty HERO!  I never cried watching it after we originally made this video. But today? Tears flowed; in gratitude, in prayer, in thanksgiving. Sam may physically have half a heart, but he continually, constantly amazes us, and all those who know him, with the courage, strength and perseverance of a thousand hearts! ❤️  Mothers. We love our children to a depth that is infinite……when we are young and our babies are small we think we love like we never loved before. Whenever suffering enters the life of our children, our love for them only grows. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Heartbeats of a Mother

  1. Kathleen and just watched! Just wonderful! What a beautiful family! We loved the pic of Sam with the long blonde shag hair too.

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  2. Wow! That was a tearjerker. Never saw that note from Sam before. Sure pray all is well. Hard to remember all those early days. Great pictures. You and Kevin were one spectacular couple. Should say are. Our prayers are with you. Love, mom and Bud

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