The Sparkle of Happiness

  This girl possesses a happiness all her own ~ As we spent the morning making cards, I could not help but smile…….she had pitter-pattered to the table all decked out!  With a style, a happiness, and a twinkle in her eyes. Jen was perfectly tailored in the robe she stole from my closet; totally “Sportin’ the Sparkle” with earrings from our sweet friend, Danica (taking a break from wearing the pair she stole from her Aunti El😎😇); was still wearing the glow in the dark necklace from last Friday’s fabulous DJ Super Bowl party at GiGi’s Playhouse! Our girl. Wanting to be as grown up as her 33 chronological years of age; forever possessing the interior freedom and  joy (um, er, cough, and stubbornness) of a young child.  Love. My heart just swells to overflowing. ❤️ Love. Our Jen. #LIVEAMAZING #DownSyndromeHero #DontBeFooledByThatSweetSmile #SheCouldOutsmartTheEntireCIA #downsyndromebeauty #bethechange 

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