Happiness for “Our Special Cup ‘O Joe”

January 15th. A HUGE day for our Joe! Through the kind heart of his Aunt Mary, a possibility of employment begins today!! Joseph and Maggie just left the house a minute ago.  If you’re reading this, please pray that all goes well. Joseph’s anxiety has been through the roof for the past two days. (Outright panic is a very accurate description of Joe the past few days!). He is like a little child afraid to jump in the pool; the child you think you want to just throw in the water because you know they will love to swim. But with kids who live with autistic spectrum, that is the worst thing you can do. We have learned through so many mistakes that our Joseph needs time, lots of time to work through his fear and anxiety. He has such an incredibly Beautiful soul, and is a diligent worker whose smile is a gift to everyone he meets. Please dear friends, if you are a praying person, please offer some up for him this morning; if you’re reading this send some good thoughts his way. ❤️ Please Blessed Mother, obtain for Joseph all the grace he needs this morning to overcome his anxiety and fear, and help Joseph show everyone at this wonderful place of employment that he could become one of their very best workers. Poor Joseph is all worry and anxiety, and I know having a job could help him obtain a sense of adulthood that he so deeply longs for! I cannot stop crying. ❤️ To belong, in one’s family, in the community where you live, to be accepted, included and appreciated ~ these are the deepest longings in all human hearts, especially for those who live with disabilities. How much I love our “Special Cup ‘O Joe” ❤️ I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers, your support, all the kind words you have ever shared with us. You, dear friends, are such a gift in our lives, and we thank you! 

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