Happiness of Being

Be prepared. Shortest post ever.

We impact the world mainly through our being.

One can attain enormous achievements, and still be deficient in “being”.  We’ve all met or know of a highly successful CEO, doctor, professional athlete…..

People may say that person is kind, compassionate; helps others.

People may also say that person is rude, arrogant, cruel, selfish.

This is one’s “being”.

This morning I went to wake our Jen.  This coming June she will be 34 years old.  As I bent to kiss her, I stopped.

Her beauty took my breathe away.

Her sleeping position so sweet and childlike, almost like a tender precious baby.

I ran for my camera instead.  There was such a call in my heart wanting to capture, and hold for a moment ~ her childlikeness so visible and real that her arms were in an infant’s pose as she slept.  Her pure innocence and angelic being, her sweetness held my heart captive, as I could only look at her, in awe.  The atmosphere enveloped me in such a hidden sacred moment of peace and indescribable joy….

Well, until the sound of the other children’s voices, the scuffle of Isabel’s boots in the hallway broke through. 😇😎

So thank you God, for the gift of that sliver of a moment in the quiet stillness of the everyday.  So hidden, so small.  Thank you for allowing me see the hidden inner beauty of this precious child, which gives just a glimpse of heavenly realities which I all too often miss.  What a gift for the world she is to us.  Sniff. Sigh.  Please, help me to always see her as you see her, because I know she is precious in your eyes.

As she stretches and wakes; the supernatural light fades.  I try to hang on to its sweetness and awe, yet I know supernatural moments are only the briefest of windows and in a “poof” disappear while we remain here on earth. We are nudged back to this world wondering if this moment was real, or is it just a mother’s over sentimental heart?  No matter; my feet are pulled back to the realities of earth.  No human words could capture it.  It is gone and we are thrust back into morning routines.  Her bath, her hair wash and blow dry.  Getting dressed, she never, NEVER forgets her earrings!  With her lunch and her bookbag off she goes to her beloved school at GiGi University.

As sure as the sparkle of her earrings, I know it is her inner light that will bless all who are with her this day. Even when no one can see.



8 thoughts on “Happiness of Being

  1. What a beautiful post! Did you get the article on people who have Down syndrome? Maybe it was in that last pkg? Did you get the $$? The article said people with Down syndrome now live into their 60’s! I couldn’t believe it. It also said hoarding was a trait of DS. So Jen is perfectly normal. She is also a product of intense love for those 34 years and shows it. A tribute to the whole Donnelly family. If we can feel your love, just imagine how much she feels it. That’s why she has so much love to give back. Love, mom

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