Failed Fasting from Chocolate Happiness

Before our Sam left town for a business trip, he surprised me with a sweet bouquet of flowers and small heart-shaped box of Chocolates. With a twinkle in his eyes, “It’s only a few pieces so you don’t blow your better health resolution!”. As the day came to a close I looked forward to a little mood lifting serotonin therapy. So proud of myself for having kept my resolve all day long. I opened the upper kitchen cabinet with earned anticipation. I didn’t even need to look, as I opened the white door, inserting my hand blindly. Tap, tap. Moved right. Tap, tap. Moving left, now looking inside my stash cupboard in frantic disbelief. All my hopes vanished as I realized the sad truth.  The family thief, disguised as our sweet Jen had struck again.

Jennifer, our smiling family sleuth, more secretive than Bond himself; smarter than the entire CIA, Navy Seals and KGB ~ combined. Our stealth bomber, a.k.a. Jen Jen, able to evade even the eyes-in-the-back-of-her-head radar of Supermom herself had successfully accomplished the Great Valentine Heist of 2016.  Yes, she ate every single one leaving not a trace.

With all my hopes dashed, and resolve trying to comfort my audible sigh I tried not to fight the reality this would be my first ever Chocolate-LESS Valentine. Nooooo, how could it be?  A NON Chocolate Valentine? It cannot be! It must not be.   Ah ha! My chocolate thinking cap was in overdrive. Then I remembered, the older kids had gone to pick up their friend, Donna! Hope filled my heart! My mom fingers were texting as fast as they could!

Rats, maybe Agnes was right, if I had let her teach me to type with two thumbs, I could be typing this S.O.S. Text even faster.

I had caught them in time, oh hooray for me! Yes, they would stop and grab another box of Chocolates to replace all that Jen ate.

Time passed very swiftly, very swiftly in fact. In only minutes there was a joyful tapping on the front door. My feet were so light filled with Chocolate anticipatory joy! 😍😍😍😋😋😋 as I opened the door their bubbling laughter filled the air….in they all tumbled, grins glowing on all these faces so beloved and dear.

Their smiles were more than being happy to be home, because.


 Sorry my Jen.  This day shall forever be known as “The Best Foiled Chocolate Caper Ever”!!!  Your robbery, your chocolate heist merely resulted in a miracle so true.  For a few little pieces multiplied like the loaves and the fishes. Well, not quite.  But it sure did make for a very jolly Valentines night. ❤️

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