Leprechaun UNhappiness

After a bit of an application process, and driving 45 minutes away for interviews and testing at a county Department of Transportation office a few weeks back, we finally received a decision which was the cause of great joy around here.

First you get an award letter…..

Then a card follows in the mail…..  
 Jen and Joseph were BOTH approved for PACE bus service!!! HOOOOOORAY!!!!

So I called today to set Jen up for her days going to GiGi’s Playhouse……
I forgot it’s St. Patricks Day….
We’re sure the leprechauns have been busy at work this day when ye get the following response when trying to help ye young adults, heroes who live with  disabilities access thee local transportation…….

Ye needn’t wonder if ’tis indeed a fine trick ‘o the young green hooligans, for I can assure ye it tis!

Call for transportation I did.

Och! This twas the man’s reply ~

“Well, we’ll pick her up at your house and take her on a Pace bus to Good Shepherd Hospital where she’ll have to transfer to another Pace bus to that will take her to the Crystal Lake Train station; where she’ll transfer to another Pace bus that will take her to the Fox Lake Metra Station; where she’ll transfer to another Pace bus that will take her to the Hawthorne Woods Mall; and from there you’ll need to call the Cook County transit to see how they will proceed from there……..what time did she need to be in Hoffman Estates?”

Saddest part was, the young man telling me this was literally kind of laughing as he said it all………

So much for well run government.

And so much for paying property taxes……….

And all ye need for your precious child to gain independence and access to vocational training at her beloved GiGi U a mere 25 minutes south of home?? Disappears faster than a Pot-O-Gold on St. Paddys Day.

One thought on “Leprechaun UNhappiness

  1. Maureen ,
    That is terrible! It is just one of worst things our government can do to our adults is to take away their independence.
    I can just imagine the joy Jenny would have if she would be able to travel by herself to Gigi s.
    I think we need to start a private Uber for adults with disabilities!


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