3-21 Happiness

This Lent has really been Lent. A year we did not have to think of more sacrifices to “offer up”. Just to surrender our hearts as best we could, with Childlike Heroic trust in His plan. Tomorrow we will attend funeral services for a very special young woman who lived with Down Syndrome. Today, on Good Friday I could not help but meditate upon the fact that this beautifully bright soul started her journey into Eternal Life on World Down Syndrome Day 3-21……Our Lord was crucified on Good Friday at Noon over two thousand years ago. He hung on the cross for three hours. 3-21 kept repeating itself in my heart all of this Holy Week, 3-21. I think of all our radiant children who live with Down Syndrome, they have 3 of the 21st Chromosome. 3-21. We have met and been blessed by so many truly authentic, kind and loving people who give so much to help our special peeps achieve a better life. 3-21…….. and I wonder, is that the time when Jesus’s friends took him off the cross. Just a simple thought that I have felt beating like a gentle whisper in my heart this week. 3-21. ➕💝  

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