Hidden Happiness



HATE seizures……….just when everyone was asleep. That awful sound when he goes down, that jolts you out of sleep just as you were dozing off. When you get to him that dang seizure is full blown. Awful. Helpless. We are here Joe. You’re ok buddy. Blood streams from his mouth. Slowly it starts to subside. We try our most soothing words. Breathing for him it feels. Now Joseph is sleeping. Tears are shed. Prayers are said. The house is quiet again. 

 But I cannot sleep. 

 I know all of us moms go through tough times with our kids, but sometimes doesn’t it make you beyond sad to see your kids suffer?  

Then I think of Blessed Mother.  I know that God is in charge, even in charge of seizures. There is a purpose to these difficulties. God will bring good out of all. Times like this make you feel like Abraham ️taking Isaac up the mountain. We need to surrender, and trust.

Think I’ll read more Bishop Barron……..Here’s the one I was reading at the end of today:


4 thoughts on “Hidden Happiness

  1. So sorry to hear about joes seizures. No wonder we turn grey and the hair dye people love us. My heart bleeds for you. I remember many of my children’s pains. You are in our prayers. Mom

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