Fashion Show Happiness

I want my words with this post to be few because the pictures tell such a beautiful short story.

Early in the week we received an invitation to attend a fashion show at Gigi’s Playhouse.  Knowing how much our Little Jen loves clothes and shopping, it was an easy yes.

When the day arrived, it was Jen herself who brought the curling iron and my makeup bag, to help get ready for the party!   

Some days Jen gets tired so early, and it shows in behaviors that are difficult for everyone. We try to increase our singing and dancing to help make her smile. Despite her strong desire to go to the fashion show at Gigi’s, I was not sure we were going to make it.

“Jen Jen, are you too tired to go?”

Very often Jenny can be slow in responding. Not this day. 

“No, no, I not too tired.”

Our glam session went on…  

When we arrived, Jen was greeted with a beautiful open arms, and smiling faces all around.    

It’s pretty close to impossible for mere human words to fully capture what it’s like to enter into the incredible world of Gigi’s Playhouse.  Joy filled. Happy. Such a positive electric atmosphere. But most of all love.  LOVE that supports, embraces, accepts and encourages. Even though it can sometimes be a struggle to get her ready to go, including mornings when she verbalizes she does not want to go ( I know it’s just her tired side speaking)…..the minute she gets there, it is as if she has climbed to the peak of Mount Everest.     

 All the negative clouds vaporize.  There is a light that fills the atmosphere at GiGi’s Playhouse.  Jen’s eyes become radiant with joy. 

   It seems a little mysterious, but not really. The reason for this atmosphere of joy is very simple.  Coming together in community with our beautiful special peeps, we become enveloped in the majesty and beauty of God’s creation.  God does not make mistakes.  In his eyes, these children are perfect.    

These young adults who have Down Syndrome, their families, the incredible staff.  It is a great life gift to be blessed by the deep happiness of this place.     

 One more time, we think we are doing something for those the world considers handicapped, when it is really these incredible heroes who live with Down Syndrome who have so much to teach us!!

The Cabi Fashion Show was fantastic! 

 The models so beautiful….

 Thinking back of all my grumbling as Jen and I had left the house earlier, kind of along the lines of “I’m too old to keep doing this, Jen’s too tired at night, blah, blah, blah, blah blah……”

I think back to a beautiful quote from St John Paul II, (and he was wagging his finger in admonishment as he said it), “Sometimes, doing too much is called for.”

Yes, sometimes it is.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Show Happiness

  1. So beautiful–the smile on her face says it all! And trust me, I think St. JPII is pretty much permanently waiving his finger at me!


  2. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. No wonder everyone loves Jen — she is almost always smiling and she loves people. She owes it all to you Maureen. You are the best mother anyone could have. And your perseverance!! God has blessed your children having a mom like you. Thanks for sending. Love, mom

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