Bottom of the Heap Happiness


Can often be overwhelming in this house.  

There are days when every positive song that rises from my heart, is snuffed out by difficulties.

But tonight.

As I gave in to seeking solace in a freshly baked batch of our most favorite Fall Gingersnap cookie recipe.  God decided to spoil me with a little gift.

No.  It’s a BIG gift.

Kind of a miraculous gift. 

So miraculous I asked her to do it again.  I videotaped it on her Communication device to share with her teacher (Whom Bel adores!).

So stupendously miraculous, I asked her to show me a third time, so I could “capture” it on my phone.

Isabel has been home from school for a few days with a nasty cold, back on her inhaler.  She sat at the kitchen counter watching me make cookies while she self soothed playing playdough.  

After the dough was done, she begged to help. Together we rolled and dropped little balls of sugar coated comfort; the kitchen filled with Motown and delightful Fall breezes mingled with the heartwarming joy of ginger, cloves and cinnamon.

When the third tray popped out of the oven, Bellie giggled as I scooped the crispy chewy goodness from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack, keeping time to the music.  Not sure if I delighted more in the joy of baking or seeing that impish twinkle in Isabel’s eyes when she laughed.  And suddenly there was this……

My eyes filled with tears.

Take that Neurodegeneration With Brain Iron Accumulation.

Chronologically, she is 14.  Her diagnosis is degenerative.

Isabel keeps amazing many because she keeps progressing.  Tonight, she totally shocked me.  I count it all as rubbish all the sparkle we chase after sometimes.  For a child who should not have the ability to do what she does is a very real Nobel Prize worthy effort indeed.  My girl, you made quite a few of us surprised tonight.  God exalts the lowly; and to me this makes you a queen, little Isabel!! 

Or maybe it was just an unexpected side effect from her inhaler medication?? J.K.   Ha!! Not!  

I’m not going to look back at all the valleys of today.

I’m going to fall asleep thanking God.

For the gift of Isabel.


(Yes, she is already living in her costume for Halloween:). We are lucky it still fits from last year.  Because really, I’ve given up baking.  Almost.)

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